Rapids, pools, long riffles and short runs. Native cutthroat trout. Crisp bright mornings that dissolve into warm, lingering afternoons. Ringnecks rising into a brilliant sky. Uncommon beauty and the kind of solitude found only in the natural world. Welcome to PRO Outfitters’ Montana where we’ve been guiding passionate anglers and bird hunters for over 30 years.

Join us for a day on the Missouri, a week at the North Fork Crossing Lodge, a remote five-day float on the Smith or a golden day on the edge of the prairie under the Big Sky. Fishing or hunting might be the focus but we recognize your trip is about much, much more.

A trip with PRO is ultimately about connecting — whether it’s with Mother Nature, yourself, the family or friends you’ve brought with you, or the guides and staff you’ll soon call friends.


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